This year KCC will be presenting some new online, pre recorded workshops and presentations.

A. The Art of Making Comics

  • Addressing social issues through comics

  • Tribute to a local Hero who inspires me

  • How I see it. How males view school, family, and community

  • Careers in Comics: What are the Five most important job in comics

  • Can I make my own comic book at home

 B.  Myths, Mask, Legends, and Me  

  • Are modern comics books based on ancient myths

  • What do comic book characters say about society

  • When did comic characters start looking like me and are there enough Black and Brown people in the comic book world

  • Creating superheroes based on African Diaspora and Latino myth and legends

 C.        The Science of Super Heroes

  • What is science fiction and science fact

  • How might science fiction influence science innovation

  • How can you tell if a super heroes is based on science or mythology

  • How do you write great science fiction