KCC Panel Talk

Kids Comic Con’s “Panel Talk” is a podcast dedicated to young creative artists and their journey. Our three young hostess’ explore all creative issues, and also interview other young artists and professional creatives, to understand their struggles and triumphs. Kayla, Emily and Jordan explore the arts from a fresh, young perspective.

Episode 13

An Interview with Brandon Snider / Ed Steckley 

In this month’s episode, our cohosts Kayla and Jordan interview two charismatic creators: bestselling author Brandon Snider and award-winning illustrator Ed Steckley. Both are the dynamic team behind the hilarious Rube Goldberg and His Amazing Machines middle grade series. They share stories, advice, give demonstrations, and of course, never miss a chance to cause a laugh. Don’ t miss out on this entertaining interview with these two amazing, inspiring artists!

Episode 12 

Our young cohosts, Jordan and Kayla, are in a sharing mood.

They’re discussing the challenges and rewards of pursuing their dreams to be professional artists. 

They share what it’s like working at their jobs to provide income, and still finding time to be creative. 

And they offer some tips for scheduling, and warnings against overbooking your times. 

Episode 11

Our hosts Kayla and Jordan discuss the changes happening in their lives. 

As young people interested the arts they’re facing transitions from high school to college, and from college to “first job”. 

They provide useful advice on managing these important steps.

Episode 10

Join the Panel Talk team as they discuss what it’s like to be a woman in comics and the performing arts.

Our young hostess’ explore all creative issues, and also interview other young artists and professional creatives, to understand their struggles and triumphs.

Jordan & Kayla

With special guests:

Leslie Carrera-Rudolph (singer, actress & puppeteer)
Dr. Vanessa Hintz (psychologist, plus film & comic book Geek)
Blossom Blair (comic artist, and more)

Episode 9

In this episode we’re excited to share a fun and interesting conversation with Scott Purcell and Venessa Fenton.
Mr. Purcell specializes in design for film. He has worked as a graphic designer, multimedia designer and production designer on films such as “A Quiet Place 2” and “6 Underground.” Ms Fenton is a scenic artist who has done work for films like “Predator.” They have even worked together on some films,
So listen in as our guests tell us what it is like to work as artists in the film and TV industry.

Episode 8

In this episode our hosts interview a fellow young artist, Trevor.

Episode 7
This week our SHOW hosts get to hang out with young Sesame Street puppeteer, TAU BENNETT! 

art by Emily Kenlon

Episode 6

Hey Fans:

Sorry we were away for a little bit. Busy, busy times!
But we’re back, ready and steady, with more interviews, comments, and art, from kids talents and pros!
Plus a few surprises.
So enjoy this interview with young artist, ANDREW.   And stay tune for much more in the weeks ahead!

art by Emily Kenlon

Episode 5
This time we get to interview the super talented, NOEL MACNEAL! He’s the master puppeteer for Bear in the Big Blue House, Between The Lions, Seasame Streetand so many more!!! 

art by Emily Kenlon

Episode 4

An exciting interview with performer and puppeteer Leslie Carrera-Rudolph & her playful puppet “partner,” Lolly Lardpop. Leslie is also a performer and the puppeteer for Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street.

Illustration of Leslie, Lolly & Abby by Emily Kenlon

. .

art by Emily Kenlon

Episode 3

Welcome to the 3rd episode of Kids Comic Con new podcast.  We are your hosts Jordan, Kayla, and Emily!  This time we’re going to talk about girls and women who want to make art their profession.  We’ll especially talk about how hard it is when people don’t believe they can.

art by Emily Kenlon


In this episode Jordan interviews the young artist named Tiffany, about her drawings and love of art and anime.


art by Emily Kenlon

Welcome to the new Kids Comic Con Podcast, with your hosts Jordan, Kayla, and Emily! You’ll get to know them in this episode, you’ll get to know them. In future episodes, you’ll meet young artists like you. And you’ll hear interviews from professional artists for comics, cartoon shows, and movies.

To enjoy this one Click below!

And come back stay tuned for the next episode in two weeks.

KCC Panel Talk ep. 1 

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