The Science of Superheroes Expo!

The Science of Superheroes Expo,
Coming in 2021!

Bronx Community College & the KID’s COMIC CON presents…

The Science of Superheroes Expo: What Put the “S” Super?

More than half of the superheroes and villains in the comic book world derive their powers and abilities through the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Energy, and Technology). Now we’re inviting middle and high school students to show us how it’s done!

Working as a class project, in teams, or solo students will explore one or two characters out of the hundreds that exist. Students will examine and explain:

  • Which characters they’ve chosen and why?
  • What are their abilities?
  • How did the character(s) obtained their abilities?
  • What principles of science apply?
  • Where does science fact and science fiction separate (or how close are we to creating something like this in real life)?
  • What scientific or technological innovations do we have today that may have been inspired by fictional character? (Think Star Trek, or Dick Tracy, for example.)

All presentations must include written information that both describes the characters’ abilities and reflects a basic understanding of the science associated with their powers. Students will also present a visual aid (drawing, etc.), and or science projects that illustrate the scientific basis of the character’s specific abilities.

On the March 19th, through BCC, students and teachers will participate in virtual workshops where we will create these presentations.

Students and teachers will display their works at:
The Science of Superheroes Expo, March 2021.

The Science of Superheroes Expo will also include a few surprises such as guest speakers from science, movie special effects, video gaming, and comic books arenas, as well as a display of comic book and graphic novel art.

All participants will receive a certificate (and a prize?) for their participation.

For more information contact Eugene Adams, BCC Director of Educational Outreach at:, or call 718-289-5952