• The Art of Making Comics 101
    An introductory class in creating comics.
  • How to Draw Manga
    An Introductory class in how to create Manga style comics.
  • Learning to Draw Fantastic Figures
    An advanced class on specific techniques for creating comics.
  • What A Character!
    A professional cartoonist will take young artists through the process of drawing characters and caricatures.
  • Give it Some Color
    Professional colorists will teach students some of the tricks of the trade in the wonderful world of coloring comics!
  • Where the Action Is
    Learn to draw wild locations and moody settings. James Sherman, artist for comics, film story boards, toy designs and more will show advanced art students how to put flash, style and atmosphere in their scenery and backgrounds.
  • Star Ships and Cadillacs
    Learn some of the tricks to drawing cool technology and vehicles.


  • Comics in the Classroom
    Participants will be introduced to several successful methods and curricula to aid in using comics to teach academic subjects.
  • The ABCs of Comics
    What they are and their value to children past, present, and future. This time the emphasis will be on the FUTURE of comics, literacy, and kids.


  • Comics in Any Language
    Creators, editors, and educators gather together to discuss explore the benefits of comics in different languages such as Spanish and French.
  • The Future of Kids Comics
    A lively Q&A on what we have to look forward to in the world of all-age, and kids’ comics from mainstream and independent publishers.
  • Not Just Wonder Woman
    Join this panel to discover how many women are working in comics, and not just starring in the books.
  • Make Mine Manga
    Comic professionals and fans talk about the many elements that make Manga so popular.


  • Portfolio Review Crew
    All day, professional writers, illustrators, and editors will review students’ portfolios and artwork to give them tips on how to improve their work.
  • Cartoon Alley
    Kids will meet artists who have either worked on, or created comics characters that have gone on to TV or film. And after learning a little of how cartoons are created, kids will be allowed to sit and watch some of those cartoons characters on TV.