Kids Comic Con Roadshow at the Miami Book Fair International

Nov. 9, 2009

Canson Inc. to Sponsor the COLOR OF COMICS Exhibition and

Kids Comic Con Roadshow at the Miami Book Fair International

Canson’s Manga Fanboy Paper product line to be featured and discounted at the Book Fair

Miami, FL – November 13, 2009—Canson ®, an international fine arts company, is pleased to sponsor two attractions at this year’s Miami Book Fair International, both of which are devoted to teaching children how to draw and sketch manga and comic book art: the Kids Comic Con Roadshow and The Color of Comics Exhibit. Canson’s Fanboy Paper line for manga and comic book art will be featured at the show, and mail-in rebates will be given out at the Canson booth.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the Kids Comic Con and The Color of Comics Exhibit at this year’s Miami Book Fair,” said Giulia Giovanelli, Product Manager for the Fanboy Paper line at Canson. “Given the Kids Comic Con’s mission of educating children in the arts and inspiring creativity at a young age, and the Color of Comics’ positive platform for young people, Canson shares in these values and is pleased to be a part of this excellent endeavor.”

The Kids Comic Con Roadshow, an offshoot of the Kids Comic Con that was founded in New York City by Alex Simmons, a comics creator and writer whose recent work includes Archie Comics. Simmons created the Kids Comic Con to fill a void he saw as a sad reality in kids’ lives.

“Growing up, I was always reading, developing much of the key skills of the civilized world by diving into the pages of comics that at the time were actually written for kids,” Simmons said. “Today, it is common knowledge that many major comic book story lines have turned dark, some exceedingly so, and do not aim at kids. While comics companies have every right to pursue the paths that inspire them, I saw it as an immense opportunity missed for those companies, and a truly sad loss for our young people.”

The Color of Comics Exhibit, which first debuted in 2008, will on display at Miami Dade College November 4 through December 15th, and it exists as an effort to illuminate the diversity of characters of color in comic art. The goal of the Color of Comics exhibit is to help shine a light on a body of work that will depict characters who are African, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc., whether their creators share the same heritage or not.

At the Book Fair, Canson will be providing $5 mail-in rebates for its Fanboy Paper line, which will apply to purchases of $25 or more.

About Canson

Since 1557, Canson has been inventing high quality paper for drawing, painting and watercolors in France. Papers such as Arches®, Montval ® and Mi-Teintes ® have become emblem brands for the most famous artists worldwide including Picasso, Matisse, Ingres and Warhol.

About the Color of Comics

The Color of Comics exhibit first debuted in 2008, in the gallery of Bronx Community College. The show ran for six weeks to an audience of over 1000 people. That exhibit contained prints of artwork depicting people of color in comics created by artists from all over the world, and covered a variety of subjects and concepts.

About the Kids Comic Con

The Kids Comic Con was created in April 2007, with the launch of a fist convention at Bronx Community College in the Bronx. More than 40 professional artists and publishers, librarians and educators, and more than 700 patrons, parents and young people attended the convention. The annual event has continued to grow attracting even more professional from mainstream publishing houses to Hollywood animators – all of them participating for our youth.

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