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by Jordan


To me Kids Comic Con is more than an event. It’s a space where we can meet writers, artists and new friends with the same interests as us. It inspires a new generation of children and teens to work in the comic industry. It’s a place where we can all be ourselves without facing judgement from others. I’m proud to be in  such a beautiful and extremely talented community of comic book readers, artists, writers, cosplayers, fans, educators and more. 

So without further ado, lets go read some comics! Who’s with me!


My First Review on THE LAST AIR BENDER TV Series!
by Jordan


Hi everyone! In this section I will be reviewing Avatar The Last Airbender! I’ve always wanted to watch this show and now that I have so much free time cough cough COVID I decided to watch it! 

In a world unlike our own there lives the Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes. Each of these groups have powers that are related to their name. The one that keeps them all in check is the all powerful Avatar. 

The Avatar has all the powers that each nation has. Suddenly, one day, the Avatar was nowhere to be found.  And just before the Avatar left a war started between the four nations.

A hundred years later the war was still going on. That’s when a sister (Katara) and brother (Sokka) of the water tribe find Aang, a young boy trapped in a block of ice in the sea. Aang is part of the air bender tribe.

Katara and Sokka bring Aang back to where they live in the village. Aang learns that the siblings lives with other members of the village because something terrible has happened to their parents. 

Meanwhile Zuko, a prince from the Fire nation wants to capture the Avatar to prove himself to his nation. While Katara and Aang are sledding on penguins they reach an old Fire Nation ship. Katara is very reluctant to go in but Aang  convinces her. 

While exploring the ship Katara mentions it is from a attack by the Fire Nation.  When Aang acts confused about the war, she soon realizes that he knows nothing about it.  And that Aang must have been in the iceberg for over a hundred years. 

Suddenly, they’re caught in a trap which sends a flair in the air.  As the episode ends Zuko sees the flair through his telescope and watches Katara and Aang escaping from the ship.  Zuko learns Aang is living in Katara and Sokka’s town. He also believes that Aang is the Avatar he seeks.

I would rate this show a solid 10 out of 10 because it is intriguing for all ages and filled with action and humor!  Will Aang get away from Zuko’s hands? What will become of Sokka and Katara’s home? I guess you have to just watch to see what happens next!

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