All About Us

Welcome to the official web site of the KIDS’ COMIC CON! We opened our “comic book clubhouse” in April 2007, when we launched our first convention (See past conventions). What a turnout that was! A great many patrons came to that little event, some from as far off as Chicago!

Oh, did I say “little?”

We had over 40 professional artists and publishers, as well as librarians and educators. And did I mention that over 700 patrons, parents and young people, came through our doors? All of this took place on the campus of Bronx Community College in the Bronx (home of the New York Yankees). Everyone had such a great time – especially me – that we did it again!

Our 2008 convention was even better, with a lot of people returning, and some new friends and faces joining in for the fun!

2009 saw the creation of our KCC ROAD SHOW, a smaller version of our event which has since traveled from Upstate New York, to Miami Florida. And in 2010, it went global when we took our programs to Senegal, Africa (sponsored by the Senegalese-American Bilingual School, and the American Embassy Dakar)!

Check out our past conventions photos.

The KIDS’ COMIC CON where we’re simply,

Giving comics back to kids, again!

About this Website

Our original website was designed by a group of students of the MMP460 Multimedia Project Lab, at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, under the guidance of professor Revital Kaisar.

Students designers: Atsuko Muramatsu (project manager), Rumi Yamane (lead designer), Luis Ramirez, Yu Kuwahara.

Though we’ve had to modify it to allow easier access by those of us who are HTML challenged, we thank those students for making this possible to beigin with. They built this ship, we just gave it another coat of paint.

— Alex Simmons, 2011 —